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About This Project

Gommage exfoliant.
For all skin types.
With moringa, rice and botanical extracts.
50 ml e 1,69 fl.oz. Ref. 4002


Rice Seda is a soft, triple action scrub: its micro grain rice and moringa combined with scrub removes dead cells and skin blemishes and deeply clean the pores, dragging all the dirt to the surface. It carries out a perfect and whitening cleaning action on the epidermis, providing a surprisingly silky effect that illuminates the face and attenuates existing spots, even leading to the whitening of dark spots and preventing future stains, thanks to its select active botanicals. Finally, it creates an antipollution film that not only cleanses the skin, but also avoids it becoming dirty, thanks to this star ingredient: Purisoft leaves the skin regulated and hydrated.

The exclusive purifying product of Rice Seda is intended to promote a clear, silky and matt skin, also helping to control sebum. Its immediate benefits even allow it to be put forward as an instant luminosity treatment, since it is enriched with lemon extract. It is an ideal treatment even for the most delicate skin and, thanks to its lightening effect, it succeeds in attenuating the chloasma that results from pregnancy.

Its use is recommended twice a week with dry skin or as a daily cleanser with moist, oily or damaged skin.


Rice Seda can also work alongside any other treatment


Essential active ingredients:

· Moringa extract: whitener
· Purisoft: antipollution
· Rice powder: exfoliating and oxygenating
· White clay: antiseptic, healing and cleansing
· Botanical extracts: illuminating and purifying


No parabens. No perfumes. Not tested on animals.


LAB Cosméticos Específicos SL