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About This Project


Soothing intensive, regenerating mask.
For dry and sensitive skin.
Omega-3, 6 and 9 of botanical origin, essential geranium oil and myrrh oil.
50 ml e 1,69 fl.oz. Ref. 4001


Intense Mask Omega is suitable in the event of damaged, sensitive, delicate or aging skin because it increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin, enabling the regeneration and recovery of the epidermis. Effective against couperosis and itching, redness and tightness, it facilitates healing, while repairing and preventing cell oxidation.

Balancing and decongestant, it recovers the brightness of the face. Its natural formula is rich in myrrh oil, omega-3, 6 and 9 of botanical origen and marine trace elements. It stimulates the self-defense capabilities of the epidermis, obtaining an antioxidant treatment that prevents skin dryness and provides necessary water balance. It can be used on fresh scars, reversing erythema, healing and helping to mitigate the effects of hormonal disorders suffered during pregnancy. After rejuvenating laser treatments, chemical peels, after acne, DA, etc., it succeeds in reducing both scales and skin roughness, as well as itching.

In prematurely aging skin, it strengthens natural defenses, moisturizing and nourishing, while protecting the epidermis from external attacks. In dehydrated skin with eczema, or after long sun exposure, it provides a pleasant feeling of softness with revitalizing and rejuvenating action, thanks to the presence of natural glycerin. In these cases, it is recommended to leave the product applied all night long.


Intense Mask Omega can work alongside any other treatment


Essential active ingredients:

· Botanical omega-3, 6, 9: optimizes the skin’s functions
· Geranium essential oils: anti-free radicals, stimulate collagen
· Myrrh oil: anti-inflammatory, soothing
· Natural glycerin: moisturizing
· Marine glycogen: anti-wrinkle, moisturizing


No parabens. No perfumes. Not tested on animals.


LAB Cosméticos Específicos SL