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LAB Cosmética Específica, botany and marine
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100% spanish high cosmetics

Surprised by the power of natural ingredients and by our own passion for botany and marine biology, we decided to develop a product line of natural skin care cosmetics.
This is how LAB Cosmética Específica was born, under a philosophy based on the use of the highest quality, certified, natural ingredients, which are skin-friendly and whose effectiveness is proven. These are on sale in the best Spanish pharmacies and enjoy an increasingly successful international presence.

At LAB Cosmética Específica, we focus our attention on the development of a dedicated line of high-end dermo-cosmetics, formulated with the combination of select ingredients, treated with biotechnology in state-of-the-art Spanish laboratories, in which exceptional results are achieved by introducing a percentage of active ingredient far superior to that of the rest of the lines on the market. In consequence, results are obtained up to five times faster.

SWe submit all our treatments to the most rigorous quality standards to offer intelligent and respectful treatments that effectively protect and repair skin structures to maintain their youth and natural balance, without aggressive treatments.

We want you to take care of your skin on a daily basis and our treatments will be responsible for actively nurturing it in a safe and lasting way, allowing your beauty to endure over the years.

Although our treatments are visible from the first application, above all we aim to achieve long-term efficiency and earn the trust of our clients. For this reason, we have developed high-end products at a reasonable price for daily use.

Thank you for placing your trust in LAB Cosmética Específica.

Intelligent dermo-cosmetics

No parabens. No perfumes. No animal testing.

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High cosmetics, developed through the study and research of our latest generation laboratories

with products made from the best botanical compounds and algae extracts